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    Water-based Matter Varnish

    Water-based Semi-matte Varnish BT-E105A

    Water-based Semi-matte Varnish BT-E105A

    ★ Product Characteristics: abrasion resistance, scratch resistance performance is good, dry and fast, smooth, moderate, good blocking resistance.
    ★ glazing way: offset printing, gravure, flexo, online and offline coating.
    ★ Technical parameters:
    Appearance: translucent milky white liquid
    Solid content: 47% ± 2
    Density: 1.05g/ml
    PH value :8.5-9.0
    Viscosity :35-45 / min # 4 Zahn cup, 25 ° C (according to customer specific requirements to adjust the viscosity)
    Dumb degrees: 20-35 degrees different paper case
    Abrasion resistance: 4 lbs 500 times
    Heat seal resistance: Good
    Anti-back viscosity: (60 ° C / 24 hours / 2PSI)
    ★ Suitable for: cardboard, cardboard, paper and other high half-mute the effect of polishing.
    ★ use: conventional diluents: water
    Drying agent: water: isopropanol / 7:3
    Slow drying agent: propylene glycol
    ★ washing: to use water to clean shutdown. Dry the varnish, you can use special cleaning agents to wash.
    ★ Packing Specification: 20kg/50kg/125kg / plastic barrel
    ★ Shelf life: 12 months, to avoid the high temperature exposure and cryopreservation. Do not mix with other products, and unused product should be kept under seal.

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