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    Water-based Gold and Silver C

    Water-based Gold and Silver Card Paper Laminating Adhesive

    Water-based Gold and Silver Card Paper Laminating Adhesive

    ★ Features: copperplate paper, able to adapt to the more than 200 grams less than 200 grams of gold and silver cardboard and other paper coated. The coating has an excellent, good initial tack and hold tack, cover powder, peel strength, excellent ink transfer. Ink on coated products is not affected, not easy to change. Has excellent gloss and transparency, anti-aging, anti-yellowing. Can meet after the lamination process after embossing, pressure line of fire, hit a bump, gilt silver, UV and other requirements. Non-toxic and tasteless, can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco and alcohol, children's toys and other packaging supplies.
    ★ Technical parameters:
    Appearance: milky blue emulsion
    Solid content: 50% ± 2
    Viscosity :17-19 (± 1) (4 # cup, 25 ℃)
    Mechanical stability: qualified (3000r / m, centrifuged for 10 min does not precipitate or stratification)
    Freeze-thaw stability: qualified (-18 ° C / 48h; 60 ° C / 48h)
    PH value :7.5-8.0
    ★ Application: used for BOPP film / print, PET laser film / paper composite, embossed, hit the bump and other post-processing.
    ★ Usage:.
    A clean laminating machine applicator roll and the plastic tank. Laminating machine hot roll temperature adjusted to 50 ℃ -90 ℃, 60 ℃ -90 ℃, drying tunnel.
    2, the product of the indicators for adjustment of the coating process is good, directly to the liquid poured into the plastic tank, rubber rollers can be coated in the adhesive and mix thoroughly.
    Uniform coating of the plastic surface to be laminating, direct pressure with the paper to stick together on the gel content as the paper, film individual situation to determine the pressure to the glue being squeezed out is appropriate. Winding is placed about 15 minutes start cut, peel strength can be achieved the highest value after 24 hours. After two hours after processing.
    4, the speed of the machine speed, bake, hot roll temperature and the amount of adhesive of size shall be borne by the user equipment, the composite type of product and the actual situation of flexibility.
    ★ Washing: shutdown, clean water, dry part of cleaning with special cleaning agents.
    ★ Packing Specification: 50kg/125kg / plastic barrel
    ★ Shelf life: 12 months, to avoid the high temperature exposure and cryopreservation. Do not mix with other products, and unused product should be kept under seal.


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