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    Water-based Food Soft Packing

    Water-based Food Soft Packing Laminating Adhesive

    Water-based Food Soft Packing Laminating Adhesive

    ★ Product Features: water-based acrylic polymer emulsion adhesives, composite production for food flexible packaging films. Green, no odor, high peel strength, good transparency.
    ★ Technical parameters:
    Appearance: milky blue phase liquid
    Solid content: 45% ± 2
    Viscosity :20-30 (TU # 4 cup, 25 ° C)
    PH value :7.5-8.0
    ★ Application: adhesive paper, plastic, film, foil and other substrates. Gravure roller coating, to meet the high-speed plastic plastic laminating. Puffed food, biscuits, candy, condiments, and medicines used in lightweight packaging areas.
    ★ How to use:
    A, with a textured roller glue (recommended cable roll mesh 180-220), the composite machine is recommended to install flattening roll, you can get the best of the flattening effect. Note the flattening roll adjustment to the contrary with the direction of the network roll-operation will help the adhesive coating to improve the appearance. The speed is 1.2-1.5 times higher than the film speed, and the shorter distance on the rubber roller.
    2, stopping on the way, the need to ensure the normal functioning of the glue stick. Adhesive continuous circular flow.
    3, the amount of coating: according to material type, thickness, and the use of different adhesive amount of 1.5-2.5g / square meter.
    Material requirements: the film must be approved by the corona treatment, surface tension of 37 dyne / cm or more.
    5, dry adhesive film on the volatiles of composite safety standards: To ensure the oven temperature set at 50 ℃ -90 ℃ and add enough air flow. General in the film into the mouth to send exports to plus 50 ° C to -65 ° C to -70 ℃ -80 ℃ gradient between the specific temperature range depending on material.
    6, the conditions of lamination: NIP50-90 ° C / 0.2-0.6Mpa, in the case of composite substrate deformation, composite temperature, the greater the composite pressure compound the better.
    ★ washing: to use water to clean shutdown. Dry part of the cleaning with special cleaning agents.
    ★ Packing Specification: 50kg/125kg / plastic barrel
    ★ Shelf life: 12 months, to avoid the high temperature exposure and cryopreservation. Do not mix with other products, and unused product should be kept under seal.

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