Dongguan Baofengtai

Dongguan Baofengtai
    Cot Glue

    Cot Glue

    Cot Glue

    ★ Product Features: Operating performance, easy brushing, easy to clean, water damp cloth to wipe the plastic pollution. After the glue within 3 minutes can be repositioned, and maintain a good viscosity. Smooth surface of the hull, the title page, no bubbles, no deformation, no unglued.
    ★ Technical parameters:
    Appearance: Pale yellow viscous liquid
    Solid content: 40% ± 2
    Viscosity: 250mPa.s-400 Mpa.s (NDJ-79/25 ℃)
    PH value :7.0-9.0
    ★ Application: hardcover, gift boxes and jewelry boxes hull, bonding of the title page.
    * Note: hand brush or machine roll coating sizing can. Use, mixing and uniform fabric glue.
    ★ Packing Specification: 50kg/125kg/200kg / plastic barrel
    ★ Shelf life: 12 months, to avoid the high temperature exposure and cryopreservation. Do not mix with other products, and unused product should be kept under seal.


    Dongguan Baofengtai Industry Co., Ltd.
    Add: Caole Directorial Area, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City
    Contact:Mr.yang 13609665068 main)

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