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    Pasting Glue

    Pasting Glue

    Pasting Glue

    ★ Product Features: green, holding the stick and strong, fast drying, fast paste positioning, high bonding strength and good operating performance. The wet wipe stains well, and can easily remove the adhesive residue on the finish stain, keeping the substrate clean and beautiful finishes. Open-brush coating, rubber coating on the substrate can be brisk. Ultimate bond strength is excellent and can withstand high and low temperature environmental testing firm adhesion to difficult substrates.
    ★ Technical parameters:
    Appearance: milky light yellow viscous liquid
    Solid content: 40 ± 2
    PH value: 7-8
    The viscosity :350-500 Mpa.s (NDJ-79/25 ° C)
    ★ Applications: for light film, matte film, laser film, wood fiber MDF, leatherette paper and kraft paper substrate the fine mounted bond, adapted to the wine, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, food boxes as well as a variety of three-dimensional boxes and other products refined mounted technology products. This product is open for a long time, with excellent slow drying performance, especially for fine hand papered box process.
    ★ Note:
    1 This product can be brushed or plastic machinery, plastic feeding amount of the coated substrate should not be too thin, should be uniform and the right amount.
    Hand seal, after brushing Please Lamination, For airing, no later have to keep the glue in a moist state, is not completely dry before lamination.
    Paste box 24 hours to check the bonding. Such as torn paper and plastic interface to the paper, the basic body damage, and its quality will not change for a long time. Such as the body of the paper did not reach the damage condition, please check the adequacy of the operation process or check the glue is suitable for the current operating process.
    ★ Packing Specification: 50kg/125kg / plastic barrel
    ★ Shelf life: 12 months, to avoid the high temperature exposure and cryopreservation. Do not mix with other products, and unused product should be kept under seal.


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