Dongguan Baofengtai

Dongguan Baofengtai

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    Welcome to the Dongguan Baofeng Thai Industrial Co., Ltd. website! The eyes are the windows of the soul, the site is the eyes. This site is information Baofeng Thailand "window", through the website this fan "window" allows you to learn more about our products, pay attention to our growth, and ultimately allow this site to become the window of our exchange, friendship ties, a source of wealth.

    Baofeng Thailand since its inception in 1998, specializing in water-based varnish, water-based laminating glue, water based adhesives, water-based acrylic resin, free primer UV varnishes, water-based colorants and other environmentally friendly series. Is a research, development, production, sales and service in one enterprise.

    The Baofeng Thai companies to adopt a scientific and rational management strategy, through our specialized polymer materials, product technology, industry knowledge and skills, as well as quality service, won a nationwide, including color printing, specialty paper, Christmas craft industry, a large number of high-end customers' trust.

    Baofeng Thailand relies on the joint efforts of all employees in the market economy, gradually grow, on behalf of Baofeng Thailand to all partners and provide us with help and support people from all walks of life to express my heartfelt thanks!

    Yesterday's results, has been the history of record, in the face of global economic integration situation, opportunities and challenges, the the Baofeng Thai company will continue to forward to the goal of diversification, technology. Continue to uphold the "quality is life, service is the corporate brand integrity is the cornerstone of this philosophy to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services.